Via Ecologica exports sustainable teak timber to people who cares - anywhere in the world.

Planted teak trees help to recover deforested areas and save the forest 

Asian famous Tectona grandis (teak) was transplanted into Brazil's Amazon Region decades ago as an alternative to recover deforested areas (then used as pasture) by growing high-quality hardwood to supply the market - and thus reduce the pressure for forest's native wood. 

That's why we are here:
To supply your needs with sustainable teak from Amazonia.

  • Amazonia threatened by deforestation...

  • ...and extensive cattle raising in poor pastures...

  • recovered by sustainable teak plantations!

Sustainable teak plantations now providing premium quality timber   

Green certification means our teak comes from environmental and social responsible businesses, which help local communities to achieve long-term human development in distant places in the Amazon Forest. 

 The ecological choice for decks, boats, garden furniture & home improvements

  • Deck and furniture  naturally resistant and beautiful. 

  • Best wood for boats since before Ancient Greece.

  • Fine style furniture & house remodeling.

2017 Teak Catalog & Offers 

Via Ecologica teak wood comes from 20 years-old sustainable, certified plantations in Brazil's Amazon Forest.
We export mainly through the Port of Manaus (AM), at the Amazon River, or the Port of Belem (PA), at the Atlantic Ocean.
First-time minimum import order: 400 m3.  
Supply capacity:  2.000m3/monthly
Payment accepted: Letter of Credit
Time to deliver FOB after order confirmation: 30-45 days
We are taking only FOB orders at this moment. 

*Square cuts  
2,30m x 15cm x 15cm (7'x6"x6") or at client's request: 
FOB MANAUS (Brazil) USD 500/CBM  

  Lengths: 2,30m and 5,80m 
Girth (cm)                    USD/Hm3
50-59                     360
60-69                     365
70-79                      380 
80-89                     410
90-99                      450
100-109                    490
 110-119                     530
   120-129                    550 
  130-139                    570
  140-149                    650
   150+                       710

*All prices are FOB Manaus (Brazil) USD/Hm3 valid for minimum 400m3
Discounts for may apply for 1.000 m3 and larger operations, after first-time order.

Please write to