Via Ecologica exports sustainable teak to people who cares - anywhere in this one world.

Teak plantations recover deforested areas - and preserve the original rainforest. 

Asian Tectona grandis (teak) has been planted in Brazil  for decades as an alternative to recover deforested areas in the Amazon Forest region.  
Supplying high quality grown timber reduces market demand for forest's native wood, most of it now banned.    

That's why we're here:
 to provide sustainable teak and help to save the last continuous rainforest in the world.

  • Amazonia threatened by deforestation...

  • ...and extensive cattle raising in poor pastures...

  • recovered by sustainable teak plantations!

Amazonian teak from registered plantations with origin certification.  

  Teak farms are now poles of wealth creation in former exhausted soils where the original vegetation had been removed for extensive cattle raising. 

 Teaks is your ecological choice
 for decks, furniture, boats
 & house improvements

  • Decking and garden furniture, resistant and naturally beautiful. 

  • Best wood for boats, known since before Ancient Greece.

  • Fine style options, for decoration & house remodeling.

2017 Teak Catalog & Offers 

Via Ecologica's  Brazil teak wood is exported mainly through Manaus (Amazon River) and Belem (Atlantic Ocean) ports. 

*Minimum trial order: 300 m3.  
*Payment form: sight Letter of Credit. 
*Time to load after bank confirmation: 30-50 days  
*We take only FOB orders. 
*Private individual's orders accepted only in the US.
*Any other order must come from corporate emails with information on company's site and bank credentials. 
*For larger orders (more than 1.000m3/month) there's a 10% discount, after completing the first trial order of 300m3
*No commission, no intermediation.

*Square cuts
2,30m x 15cm x 15cm (7'x6"x6"): USD 510/CBM 
Lengths: 2,30m and 5,80m
Girth (cm) ---------> USD/Hm3
50-59cm -----------> USD 370
60-69cm -----------> USD 375 
70-79cm -----------> USD 390
80-89cm -----------> USD 420 
90-99cm -----------> USD 460
100-109cm----------> USD 500
110-119cm-----------> USD 540
120-129cm----------> USD 560
130-139cm----------> USD 580
140-140cm----------> USD 660
150cm + ------------> USD 720
Allowances: 5cm on girth and 5cm on length

Thanks for your visit!