Via Ecologica exports sustainable teak timber to anywhere in the world

Planted teak trees help to recover deforested areas and save the forest 

Brazilians transplanted Asian famous teak trees into Amazon Region, about three decades ago,  looking for  alternatives to recover deforested areas used as pasture and to produce high-quality lumber to supply the market. 
That's why we are here: to supply your needs with sustainable teak from Amazonia!
  • Teak plantations instead of wasteland

  • Amazonia threatened by deforestation 

  • Tectona grandis   sustainable plantation

 The ecological choice for decks, boats, garden furniture & home improvements

  • Deck and furniture natural resistance 

  • Best wood for boats since before Greece.

  • Indoors fine style & house remodeling

2017 Teak Catalog & Offers 

Via Ecologica teak wood comes from 20 yrs-old registered, sustainable plantations in Brazil's Amazon. Most of it is now exported through the Port of Manaus (AM), in Amazon River. 

 *Square cuts:  2,30m x 15cm x 15cm (7'x6"x6") or
2,30m x 20cm x 20cm (7'x8"x8") or under client's requirement. 

*Standard logs: from 50-60cm girth to 91-100cm girth. 

First-time minimum import order: 80 m3.  
Capacity supply:  2.000m3/monthly
Payment accepted: Letter of Credit or International Transfer.
Time to deliver FOB in Manaus Port after order confirmation: 30-45 days
  • Square Cuts
    6"x6"x7' or 8"x8"x7'
    FOB Manaus(Brazil) US$ 500/CBM

  • Square Cuts
    6"x6"x7' or 8"x8"x7' 
    CIF USA or Europe 
    (please inquire)

  • Square Cuts
    6"x6"x7' or 8"x8"x7' 
    CIF India or China (please inquire)

  • Teak Logs
    50-60cm girth
    FOB Manaus(Brazil)
    US$ 380/CBM
    61-70cm girth
    US$ 400/CBM

  • Teak Logs
    71-80cm girth
    FOB Manaus(Brazil)
    US$ 450/CBM

  • Teak Logs
    81-90cm girth
    FOB Manaus(Brazil)
    US$ 500/CBM
    91-100cm girth
    US$ 580/CBM